How to add button functionalities to your website?

To enhance your understanding of its functionality, feel free to explore this user-friendly video tutorial!

1. Go to the button where you wish to add some functionality.

2. Select the text icon, as illustrated in the screenshot, and determine the function you want to incorporate.

You have the option to make the text button bold, italic, or underlined. Simply choose what best aligns with your preferences.

3. Begin by heading to the design button, as depicted in the screenshot.

4. Pick the colors for the background, border, and text of your button. You have the option to select colors independently for both the default and hover states of your button.

5. Additionally, you can determine the visual style of your button, giving it a more rounded or squared appearance.

6. Now, it's time to determine the action when someone clicks the button. You can choose to link this button to a page on your website, connect it to an external link outside your site, or attach a PDF file to the button so that when someone clicks, they can view the PDF file.

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