Connecting your domain to your Hocoos AI website

TIP: If you can’t remember who your host is, just head to and search for your domain name; the section labeled ‘Name Servers’ will show you the location of your DNS host.

1. To start, open a new tab and log into your domain host account. 

2. After you have logged in to your domain host account, head to the domain settings page and find your domain name.

3. Click on your domain name settings, and search where you manage or edit name server records.

4. On your domain host's site, replace your current name servers with the Hocoos name servers shown here:

  • A’ record with "@" name pointing to IP address “
  • CNAME’ record with "www" name pointing to your domain (e.g.
  • CNAME’ record with “_acme-challenge” name pointing to ““ (change to your domain name)

5. Next, log into your Hocoos AI website builder dashboard. Click ‘Settings’ and then ‘General’ from the sidebar.

6. Click ‘Manage Domain’ from the top right-hand corner of the screen, and then choose ‘Connect Existing Domain’ from the pop-up. 

7. Enter your domain name in the field provided, and click Connect

REMEMBER: While the connection usually happens within 2 hours, Hocoos AI website builder can't guarantee the time. It can sometimes take 24 - 48 hours to properly propagate (start working correctly).

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