How do I add a pop-up on the website?

To begin, check out this fantastic video tutorial on how to add the pop-up.

To add a pop-up to your website, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the 'All pages' section, as shown in the screenshot.

2. Locate the Pop-up tab.

3. Click the ‘Add new pop-up’ button and choose the desired pop-up type.

After selection, you will find the pop-up listed on the left sidebar under the pop-ups section.

1. To edit the pop-up, click on the specific pop-up in the left sidebar under the pop-up section.

2. This will display the pop-up on your screen with all the tools for customization.

3. Begin with setting up display rules. Choose triggers like timer, exit intent, or page scrolling.

4. Decide on the pages where the pop-up should appear—either on all pages or specific ones.

5. Determine the frequency, indicating how often customers will see the pop-up.

6. You can also specify the target audience—whether it's for all visitors or unique visits.

7. To modify the confirmation message, click the confirmation pop-up button, as illustrated in the screenshot.

To incorporate animation into your pop-up, just click the pop-up animation button, as indicated in the screenshot.

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